Penis Pumping tips and techniques


‘Stress is the root cause of all worries’ said Buddha, the great person who left life pleasures in search of enlightenment. He was very true, so long centuries ago he made this point, which is apt to current scenarios.

Effect of stress on health

Is there anyone on this planet, without worries? And at the back of worries is the stress! Example, the stress about what your child will do at school will lead to worries, ‘what if she misses her classes, breakfast and what not’! Or simple stress about work, how’s your day going to be, good or worst? This leads to worries about the job;‘will my manager screw or support me’? This is the worry we start to possess in a fraction of seconds after stress induction.

rBVaEFccMySAQ1yrAAJFIylitBM590Stress is common for men and women. It doesn’t differentiate, glad that way! The effects in men and women are similar, hormonal imbalance is created. While women try to analyse quick and cope up and the body responds, men are little less in analysing the problem and clearing it off!

Such small amounts of stuff only lead to bigger problems, like vital organ malfunction. The genitalpart of males is prone to such high stress and anxiety and deteriorates from its actual functionality, satisfying the senses in terms of pleasure.  Erectile dysfunction is now prevalent in young males too and there is growing number of treatment options.

But, the one according to most of the folks, penis pumps is very effective in such matters. Though it helps in erection, providing temporary relief and work enabled, it has its own set of limitations. But, what and who doesn’t have it?

You must have heard it sometime back, cos it’s ruling the markets since few years of its intro. To gain the maximum use of it, you need to follow certain tips in using it the right way, leading to happiness.

Tips on using the penis pump the right way!

  • Buy the pump that is transparent in the body, so that you can see the process. With this, you can watch your penis response Interesting-Facts-about-Sex1to the stimuli that you give.
  • Measure your part accurately and then head to the stores to make the purchase. Compare with the manufacturer’s recommendations based on size of the penile
  • Don’t think too much while buying, that bigger size box will give you bigger than your body can do! Nope, going for alarger size will only result in injuries due to over pumping. On the other hand, thesmaller tube will prevent the actual penile expansion.
  • Check for pressure gauge on the device. Without the right pressure, you may invite more trouble than good. The pressure device allows controlling the pressure a level, which when is high leads to injury to your manliness and getting lower means waste of time and money.

In case you are a beginner, you must take precautions to not overdo the work and exert pressure on the penis and at the end hurt yourself.

For holding the penis in the same pose, you may try using rings, especially the cock rings which will hold the blood inside keeping the posture for long.

Now, let’s see some techniques to work the pump right way!

There are different ways one can use this pump as, and the result toovaries. So, based on the result you wish to see, use the technique and feel satisfied.


LoversThis is the common technique seen and used. it is very similar to masturbation process, but instead of the penis, you hold the pump here. This method helps to hold the blood inside the penile chambers.

You can do this process for about 5-6mins, after the start time of the procedure. Apply low and constant pressure as overdoing will lead to swelling.


To see the highest result in pumping, you must place the device on anerect penis. Shakes are seen to stimulate the nerve endings and allow blood flow aiding in maintaining the posture for long. While doing this, you are asked to shake the tube up and down, with your hips rotating in circular motions.

Pulse pumping:

This method involves the change in the pressure of the pump, to promote expansion. You can keep changing the pressures, and after aminute of the job, you may lower the pressure. You can repeat this process to keep it erect for longer.